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Newsletter:  Items Coming Soon: Liquid Homemade Soap, Lye Based Bar Soap and Customizable Ritual Blades. 


This has been a work in progress, between evil computer gremlin’s that have attacked our computer! The engraving machine came in multiple pieces and the instructions are in Chinese. So….we can’t engrave on the blades yet. We are working on it, it will be up and running soon. The ritual blades we can take any cloth or paint and put it on the inner part of the blade. The pentacles on the handle can be changed out to any color. The gems are cubic zirconia, but by request and prepaid for we can order any gem to place into the blades.

(The engraving machine when up and running will be able to place any symbol or text onto the blade. If you can email it to us we can put it on the blade.)


Alright having sensitive skin just sucks, but if you have such severe allergies you have to use special soap.  Most of the time you have to use a bar soap and it is the only option that is Lye based, chemical free soap.  Well, that’s annoying I like liquid soap, so I have made Lye based liquid soap without all the filler chemicals.  My primary soap is pretty gentle Lye, Olive Oil, Water and Essential Oil.  I also have made a liquid soap with Lye, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Jojoba Oil, Water and Essential Oil.  Jojoba oil is supposed to be very moisturizing.


I have made Castile Soap, Goats Milk Soap, Coconut Soap and now I must just label them take pictures and post them online. I also made a sea salt goat milk soap. The sea salt is known to scrub away dead skin and the goat’s milk is known to moisturize your skin.


Personally, I like to use Goats milk when making a dedication or contribution to the horned god. If I need to ask for assistance from the horned god I will use goat’s milk soap to cleanse and prepare for the ritual. I will also put a bowl of goat’s milk on the alter as an offering to the horned god.


We are working on skulls that are uniquely hand carved and decorated. Our artisans take hours on each skull. No two are exactly alike since they are real. We have cow and bison skulls. We also are working on resin ram, deer, human, cow and bison skulls. We can supply uncarved or carved skulls.

The next project is mojo lockets. A spell bag is designed and placed in a mojo locket. These will be placed on the website shortly. When thinking about the lack of changes today has made, we still cannot carry around a mojo bag and not be shunned. Especially in the South. These charms are meant to be hidden, but if seen not given another thought.